for sale

The following are a few organs available for rebuilding. Cost will vary according to the amount of rebuilding necessary or desired.

C.E.Morey (Utica, NY) #193, 1902, 2-7stops
Morey organ This cute little tracker was designed to fit in a right-hand corner, but could be modified easily to be installed in a central location. Originally designed with just 3 stops on each manual, plus the Pedal Bourdon, it has an extra slider in the Great, but could fairly easily be expanded a bit more. One of its advantages is the relatively small footprint for a turn-of-the-century tracker. It is only 6’3” wide, 7’3” deep plus 30” for the console, and not quite 12’ high. We would re-table the windchest with void-free plywood, and provide a new quiet blower. There would be a five-year warranty. The cost, depending on details, would be in the neighborhood of $25,000.

Johnson & Son (Westfield, MA) #689, 1888, 3-28 stops
This three-manual Johnson organ has no case, so it could have casework built in any style, or be installed in a chamber. Originally a tracker instrument, this organ could be rebuilt either as a tracker or an electric slider installation. Either way, it would have the Johnson principal choruses, which were legendary for their refined quality. We would re-table the windchests with void-free plywood and provide a new quiet blower. We would install stainless steel tuning slides on treble pipes, and would insure that in all respects it would be the equivalent of a new instrument. There are too many variables to quote a price without discussing how this fine instrument would be rebuilt.