For Sale
Augustus Backus, c. 1850, 5-6 stops
This one-manual tracker (mechanical-action) organ would serve nicely in a small chapel or studio. Built in the 1850s by Augustus Backus, an upstate New York builder, it was rebuilt by Dudley Terrill of New Hampshire. Mr. Terrill added two more stops to the original three, making it much more useful. He also added the beautiful tin facade, which displays pipes from the 4' Principal and the 2' Fifteenth. We retabled the chest recently, and improved the key action. The organ would have been hand or foot pumped originally, but now uses a modern quiet blower.
  8'      Stopped Diapason
  4'      Octave
  4'      Chimney Flute
  2'      Fifteenth
  1-1/3'  Quint
There is also an additional stop prepared-for, which starts at middle C. This stop could be a mutation, such as a 2-2/3' Nazard, or a reed such as a Trumpet, Oboe, or Cromorne.
We would be happy to quote an installation cost for this charming instrument. It would be in the neighborhood of $25,000 for installation within 100 miles. This would include a suitable additional coat of paint, but the added stop would be extra.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.