Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church
Lake Orion, MI Opus 26, 2003
One of our more complicated projects, this organ began as a one-manual with pedal, mechanical action instrument (9 stops with detached console), built by Gabriel Kney of Canada in the late 70's. It was rebuilt as a two-manual by the Petty-Madden Organ Company of Pennsylvania in the '80s. In the summer of 1998, the original pipes, chests and console were donated to Christ the Redeemer Catholic Community by members of the parish for rebuilding, expansion and installation in the new building.
Working closely with the architect, we re-designed the manual cases, and added an entirely new Pedal section to achieve symmetry in that division. The manual action is mechanical, while the pedal is electric. A new copper en chamade trumpet visually ties everything together in the front section. We also designed a smoked-glass enclosure for the tracker chase, to be both protective and aesthetically pleasing.
 16'      Prestant             56 pipes  Brushed Copper, electric action
  8'      Principal            56 pipes  10 Heavily Flamed Copper and 10 
                                         Tin basses en façade
  8'      Metal Gedeckt        56 pipes  Metal
  4'      Octave               56 pipes  Metal
  4'      Rohrflute (Prep.)
  2'      Super Octave         56 pipes  Metal
  1-1/3'  Mixture IV          224 pipes  Metal
  8'      Trompete             56 pipes  Flamed copper; new, enchemade, 
                                         electric action
 16'      Bourdon              56 pipes  Wood; moved from Great;
                                   1-32  electric action
  8'      Rohnflute            56 pipes  Metal
  8'      Salicional           56 pipes  Zinc, spotted metal; revoiced pipes
  8'      Vox Céleste          44 pipes  Zinc, spotted metal; revoiced pipes
  4'      Principal            56 pipes  Metal
  4'      Spitzflute           56 pipes  Metal
  2-2/3'  Nasat                56 pipes  Metal; revoiced pipes
  2'      Blockflute           56 pipes  Metal
  1-3/5'  Terz                 56 pipes  Metal; revoiced pipes
  1-1/3'  Quint                56 pipes  Metal; revoiced pipes
  8'      Schalmei             56 pipes  Metal; 1-12 half-length Tremulant
 16'     Subbass               32 pipes  Wood
 16'     Prestant                        From Great
 16'     Boudon                          From Swell
  8'     Octave                          From Great Prestant
  8'     Holz Flute            32 pipes  Wood; on new chest with Prestant
  4'     Chloral Bass          32 pipes  Metal
  2'     Mixture III           96 pipes  Metal; revoiced pipes
 16'     Posaune               32 pipes  Wood
Couplers:  Swell to Great; Swell to Pedal; Great to Pedal
Totals:    23 stops; 28 ranks; 1,248 pipes